Nail Clipper Set
with Travel Case

Perfect for those on-the-go

As part of our beauty range we have designed this nifty little nail clipper set. It’s neat, fits in your pocket or purse and is perfect for being on-the-go. The precision-cut stainless-steel leaves edges clean and long-lasting without frayed edges. Clean-cut nails are easier to file and are less likely to split or tear. Clean cut magic.

Gone are the days of squeezing so hard you bend the handles! We use a professional, medical-grade steel with a fine edge to make cutting easier and smoother. Perfect for those precise cuts and yet still strong and rust-free. Perfect.

We have also combined these with the most commonly used tools; a nail file and tweezers. The crystal nail file is fine and provides a smoother profile than the harder emery-board files. The tweezers have a slanted edge for those finer hairs and a sleek black handle for better grip and a much nicer look.

We want them to be the set you love and take everywhere with you!