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Our Nail Clipper Set

Perfect for those on-the-go

As part of our beauty range we have designed this nifty little nail clipper set. It’s neat, fits in your pocket or purse and is perfect for being on-the-go. The precision-cut stainless-steel leaves edges clean and long-lasting without frayed edges. Clean-cut nails are easier to file and are less likely to split or tear. Clean cut magic.

Gone are the days of squeezing so hard you bend the handles! We use a professional, medical-grade steel with a fine edge to make cutting easier and smoother. Perfect for those precise cuts and yet still strong and rust-free. Perfect.

We have also combined these with the most commonly used tools; a nail file and tweezers. The crystal nail file is fine and provides a smoother profile than the harder emery-board files. The tweezers have a slanted edge for those finer hairs and a sleek black handle for better grip and a much nicer look.

We want them to be the set you love and take everywhere with you!

What’s the Deal With Filing & Cuticles?!

Filing Tips

  • In general, try to use the right file. A crystal nail file usually best suits natural nails. Filing artificial nails is usually best done with an emery-board type of file – these are usually super coarse and file a fake nail well, but are far too harsh for a normal nail.

How to Tell If Your Tech is Using Something Too Harsh for Your Nails?

  • Go by the sound. A fine-grit crystal file sounds high pitched and almost pleasant. A coarse one sounds deeper and you’ll see the nail falling away from it quickly.

So How Should I File Nails?

  • One swift movement in one direction. Avoid going back and forth. It may take longer but you’ll see a stronger, healthier nail because of it. If you could lose 300 calories by running absolutely flat-out for an hour, and feel like you’ve just died, or would you lose 500 from walking at a good pace with a gentle incline? It’s a marathon not a sprint-finish.

Nail Care Tips

Here are some of our favourite...

  • STOP biting your nails! If you don’t, then great! : D
  • Moisturize them at night
  • Never scrape off your nail polish
  • Wear gloves if you work in a job that hits the nails hard
  • File your nails in one direction
  • Don’t use a cheap / harsh remover
  • Make sure you’re not lacking in Vitamin A, D or E
  • Avoid acetone nail polish removers
  • Avoid harsh emery boards; crystal nail files all the way!
  • Value nail health over nail length
  • Always use a base coat
  • Go for press-on instead of acrylic nails
  • Don’t shake polish; roll it

The 10 Deadly Nail Sins!

Tips on Styling and Making Your Nails Awesome

  1. Three strokes are all you need! Practice makes perfect.
  2. Avoid quick-day polish; look for thick / creamy polish
  3. Neaten cuticles – don’t cut or remove completely
  4. Don’t run under hot water / shower after; can crack nails
  5. Always use gloves when using cleaning products
  6. Avoid picking at your nails! Groom neatly and leave!
  7. Don’t use products with formaldehyde
  8. Don’t wear dark polishes without a base coat
  9. Don’t go to nail salons with dirty work stations
  10. Always use clean tools yourself and at the salon

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About Us

We do it for family. Our family and yours.

We created these nail clippers with the best materials and as the perfect gift. We wanted to make something that we’d want ourselves – and we do!

We started up in 2017 from a little start-up here in Brisbane making these for locals. My little niece said ‘Do you make them for everyone, or just us?’ It wasn’t long before we had built up enough to launch our brand globally on Amazon and we haven’t looked back since.

We’ve had people using them for men, women, children, infants, the elderly and pets. We had a delightful video of a husband and wife team looking after birds showing us how they used them for their birds! Look, with a heavy-duty, organized set, …what’s stopping you?!


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Here at Queensland Quintessentials we are proud to have been long-term sponsors of our native koalas and the Australian Koala Foundation since we started.

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